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If you are looking for search engine optimization services in Clearwater Florida, then you have come to the right place. Helmut Hampton SEO is the Premier Clearwater SEO agency. Search engine optimization is a must for any business that is up and running and prepared to grow.

If you would like more information on what we can do for you and your business, fill out the discovery form from the menu above. We will do a full SEO analysis, review your business, and prepare a short video with more information about your website, competition, and niche, then you have probably ever seen before.

We do this free of charge for our potential clients. We want to be sure that our SEO services are a good fit for your business. SEO is not for everyone. We only work with businesses that are already up and running with a track record of happy customers. SEO is not a cure-all for business problems.

seo in clearwater FLConsider us like digital movers. Imagine a business that is well-run, and serves its customers well. It’s a good business, but it is in a bad neighborhood. Or, it is in a part of town that doesn’t get much foot traffic. If you could take that business and move it onto Main Street, then that business would grow drastically. If it serves its customers well, the business is run well, and has the ability to scale, then that move would be extremely profitable.

However, imagine you have another business that is either just getting started or just doesn’t really know how to serve its customers very well. If you were to take that business and drop them onto Main Street they would probably get a lot of traffic and people coming in the doors, but that business will still not last very long because they don’t know how to serve their customers well and they’re not prepared for the increase of traffic to their business.

SEO is the same way. This is why we only work with businesses that are up and running and have many satisfied customers. We are essentially moving people’s websites to the first page of Google. What those websites do, and how they perform once they are number one in Google is largely up to that business. If the business is well run and they serve their customers well, then the business will thrive. But, throwing traffic at a website that doesn’t convert, or a business that is still figuring out how to properly serve its customers will not result in much increased profit.

We want to be sure that the clients we work with are happy with the service we provide. We will get you to page 1. How your website performs once it’s there, and how the back-end of your business handles its customers and workflow, are large as a dependent on your existing business. This is how I SEO is like moving you from a bad neighborhood to a good neighborhood. The business has to be ready for it. For a good business, SEO is like adding rocket fuel to a rocket. For an unproven business, it’s like pouring rocket fuel onto a bicycle. You won’t go any faster, and your bicycle’s wet and extremely flammable. Nobody’s happy.

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