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SEO in Paris France

I visited Paris, France years ago and loved it. There are many things about Parisian culture and etiquette that I identified with. As the CEO of a company that gets local businesses found in Google, I wanted to see about the opportunity to work with businesses in Paris.

I wasn’t sure about how commonly used Google was in France. I have heard about Qwant and how some French people were starting to prefer them over Google. This was allegedly because of privacy issues. But, I found that this was largely overstated in the media.

In fact the vast majority of people in Paris and France use Google. They use it far more than any other search engine, accounting for 95% of searches according to this article on Adobe on internet usage by country.

I more or less suspected this because there was a similar “issue” in the United States. People where making a fuss about Google using their personal information and it being a violation of privacy. I still hear people talking about how “creepy” Google is and how it seems like they know what you are doing.

They like to talk, but practically everybody still uses Google here. What’s wrong with more relevant search engine results? I think that’s a good thing. Most other people do too, but some people just like to talk.

Regardless, as suspected, people in Paris use Google. That being the case Paris and France SEO is a worthwhile pursuit for Helmut Hampton Digital Marketing. We can help local businesses in Paris, France to be found more easily in the local searches.

Just like anywhere else, people are looking for professional services and products in Google locally in Paris and whoever ranks at the top is going to get the lion’s share of the business.

So, if you have a business in Paris, go over to our Discovery Form and see if you qualify for our services. If you have an up and running business and want to grow that business with traffic from Google, then you likely qualify. 

People are searching for products and services every day, and if you are not on page 1 for your products/services, then you are handing over money to your competition. Think of the keyword you would love to rank #1 for. If you’re a roofer in Paris, maybe “Paris roofer”. Go and Google “Paris roofer” and take a look at those top 10 results which make up the first page. These people are getting all the traffic instead of your business.

Take us, for example. Google “Paris SEO”. We are on page one, as you saw at the top of this page. This means that people who are searching for SEO in Paris see our business and we get that traffic coming into our digital marketing agency.

Being on page 2 and beyond is useless because no one ever looks there. As more and more people are using search engines to make decisions about where they spend their money, it is becoming necessary to have good SEO done for your business. Check out our discovery form page to see our criteria for who we work with and fill out the discovery form. 

We’ll send you a complimentary SEO analysis video showing you exactly what we can do for you.

Paris SEO

Here’s a fairly generic picture of the Eiffel Tower. It may not seems special to some, but the one that you take yourself is always more meaningful. 

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