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What I Love About Rome

Italy is a wonderful place.

I took a tour that started in Rome, went to Florence, and then Venice. From Venice, we continued on into Switzerland, but those 3 places in Italy really made an impression on me.

Italy SEO

History, Culture, and Meaning Everywhere

What I really like about Italy, and Europe in general, is that each place has history. It has culture, life, and meaning. For example, I live I the USA, and the oldest city in the entire country is St Augustine, FL which was founded in 1565. I’ve been there, and it is nice, but nothing compares to the almost surreal experience of Rome, founded in 753 BC!

Everywhere you go, you see statues and architecture that are hundreds or even thousands of years old. Everywhere you look there is history and meaning. Of course, that history isn’t always pleasant, but it is what it is.

The grand scale and artistic aura that permeates the city is otherworldly to someone who has spent most of their life in Florida.

Rome – Everything is Art

Rome was impressive. Art was everywhere because everything was art.

The cobblestone streets are art. They lend a pleasant texture that lineate the city. I admit, it’s an unusual experience for me to be fascinated by the floor.

The buildings are art. Besides the great coliseum and the Vatican, even the other building are beautiful. Their designs are intricate and appear to be made to stand forever. Some of them have been standing for hundreds/thousands of years already.

This sense of (relative) permanence is what contrasts to starkly with the transience you feel in the US. (Don’t get me wrong. I love the “newness” of the US, but “historical” can be a refreshing change of pace.)

From a purely secular perspective, the Vatican was quite beautiful. My favorite would have to be the ceiling and wall of the Sistine Chapel, famously painted by Michelangelo.

The bridges are art. They even have art on them. The bridges have beautiful statues mounted along the sides.

The food is art. Traditional gelato in an outdoor café… Roman pizza with a glass of Italian wine… What more could you ask for?

Florence – Real Art History

While I didn’t spend much time in Florence, the most memorable place for me is the Statue of David. The statue was considerably larger than I thought, and that just made it all the more epic. The beauty of the marble showing the male form was breathtaking.

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Venice – Otherworldliness

Ah, Venice… Seriously, that’s how I feel about Venice. This place is so otherworldly.

Its beauty is almost surreal. It has the grandness of Rome, but has its own uniqueness in its structure.

Because it’s on the water and separated by canals it has few cars, which is nice.

Also, because there are so few cars, people spend their money on their clothes. The locals are very well dressed and that just lends to the surreal nature of Venice. Well dressed, fit (from walking so much) people, epic buildings… I can’t wait to go back.

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on a gondola in venice

Italy SEO – This Is My Specialty

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