If you’re looking for search engine optimization to boost your websites’ rankings in Seoul, South Korea, then you are in the right place. Helmut Hampton Digital Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in SEO.

The search engine optimization in Korea is a unique opportunity that local businesses can take advantage of. Why? Korea, especially Seoul, has a large English-speaking population. This is comprised of both expatriates, tourists, and younger audiences that have moved to Korea for their burgeoning entertainment scene and world-famous cuisine.

Local businesses can capture large shares of the English-speaking market with SEO. Our search engine marketing expertise can help you tap into this growing economy.

Seoul is very friendly to English-speakers. All the signs are written in both Hangul and English. You can reach this growing English audience with SEO.


One thing that always comes up when talking about our Seoul SEO is Naver. People wonder if it’s worth it to rank in Google, Yahoo, or Bing when so many people in Seoul use a website called Naver.

While Naver is the #1 search engine in South Korea, people underestimate how many people use Google. Nearly 90% of people in South Korea use the internet. This is a very high percentage compared to other countries.

About 49% of people in Korea use Naver.com. But, 43% use Google.co.kr. So, yes, Naver is the most popular online search engine, but Google is a very close second and worth investing time and resources in. If you have a business in Seoul, you be be able to be found in BOTH Naver and Google. We also get you found in Yahoo and Bing, but we don’t emphasize that much because it doesn’t add much traffic. They, and other smaller search engines, only get around 8% of the traffic. This is fine, and the things we do to optimize your site for Google will get you ranked there. But, we focus our efforts on what gets you the most traffic for your money and consider ranking in the other search engines to just be a nice bonus.

We are experts in getting websites found in Google, so that’s where we come in. Check out our rankings across the US and the globe. Our Paris SEO services and Rome SEO services rank on page 1 of Google. These are 2 of the most popular and competitive cities in the world.

We can rank your website with our Seoul SEO services as well. Take a look at some of our criteria for business we work with and if you feel you qualify, fill out our discovery form, accessible from the menu at the top of this page.

You can also view some of our rankings and testimonials about our agency and see how we have optimized websites around the world in multiple languages. We generate thousands of dollars (or won, euros, etc) of additional monthly income for local businesses across the globe. Fill out our form and we would be happy to discuss with you what we can do for your Seoul business’ search engine optimization.

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