Increase Traffic

Build your business with a constant flow of targeted, qualified traffic: people looking for what you offer

Make More Sales

Increasing traffic to your website will boost your sales both online and offline.

Serve the RIGHT customers

SEO puts you in front of motivated and targeted customers: people actively searching for what you offer.

Helmut Hampton SEO Company

Welcome! Helmut Hampton SEO is an advertising agency specializes in helping local businesses build traffic to their websites from search engines. The beauty of search engine optimization is that the traffic is highly targeted. It's not "interruption advertising," that is generally trying to distract the person while they search.

By contrast, SEO puts your website in front of traffic that is actually searching for what your business offers. We put your site somewhere where it is not an interruption or a distraction, but the answer that the person is searching for.

By ranking for keywords that are relevant and appropriate for your business, your business could be in that path of a consistent stream of highly targeted, highly motivated traffic. This traffic converts much better than other forms of advertising since the traffic is composed of people who took action. They got on their computer or mobile phone and took the initiative to find an answer to their problem. If your business solves their problem, then you want your business' site to rank #1 for those search terms.

If you are not #1, or at least on page 1 of Google for keyword phrases that are relevant to your business than you are losing money to all the websites on that are the first page. Search engine marketing bridges that gap. We are digital movers. We move your site to the #1 position for your key terms so that you can grow your business and stop leaving money on the table.

If you would like to take your business to the next level, fill out the Discovery Form, and we will give you a FREE SEO video analysis with that likely contains more information than you've ever had about your website, niche, and competition.